Train Yourself to Find Mindful Focus in 4 Weeks

You'd like to find effective focus, a sense of deliberate pace and simplicity, and peace of mind. Learn how to deal with distractions, procrastination, and indecision to focus on meaningful work.

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Clarity on Distraction,
Indecision, Procrastination

We'll dive into the 3 Demons of Chaos, and what's going on when we get pulled away from focus. And what habits are needed to tackle these difficulties.

Find Clarity on
Your Meaningful Work

Giving ourself full focus ... it's worth it because of the meaningful work we want to do in the world. We'll dive into how to figure out your meaningful work, and how to keep focused on it.

Train Yourself
in Focus, Daily

Getting clear on these topics is great, but it doesn't mean much until you actually put it into practice. We'll set you up with daily training, so that you can incorporate this into your life.

Here's What You'll Learn

By committing yourself to this video training course, you'll be learning and practicing the skills that can transform your business, career, and personal life.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. Why we get distracted, why it’s so difficult to find focus, why we procrastinate, and why we get plagued with indecision
  2. How to structure your day and environment for greater clarity, focus and meaningful contribution
  3. How to create a focus ritual and train ourselves to stay with important tasks in mindfulness
  4. How to deal with our most common obstacles, like interruptions, emails, and the urge to run to distraction
  5. How to simplify your day and create a more deliberate pace
  6. How to cut out distractions

"Leo’s workshop is an experience that invites you to open your heart, accept uncertainty and have fun. Leo gave us a diverse and meaningful experience that included meditations, group exercises and challenging questions. If you want to get comfortable with being uncomfortable so you can live the life your heart desires sign up now!"

Nancy Stansberry
fundraising executive

"Despite having studied and practiced productivity systems and techniques for well over a decade, I learned so much and benefited tremendously from this workshop. Leo teaches with an open heart and a strong desire to connect with and benefit every individual in the workshop."

Umer Khan
tech industry executive

"Leo is truly doing great work by sharing tools to be effective in the world, but more importantly reminding us to open our hearts and be mindful of the present."

Alex Thorlton

"I find myself thinking of your teaching daily, especially when running into roadblocks I normally would run away from. It stays with me every day, and I am discovering a rare combination of human empathy and personal discipline that I did not know was in me."

Ethan Schiff
music executive

"Although making a space for your uncertainty can be daunting and downright scary, Leo gives you a solid starting point to begin practicing. His advice on establishing habits, daily routines and connecting with your why is spot on and very helpful."

Jennifer Jines

Features & Benefits of the Course

Course Features

This Mindful Focus Course features:

  1. Four week-long modules (plus an intro module to help you get set up for success), each featuring short, easily digestible video lessons.
  2. Daily training to implement each module’s core ideas.
  3. My recommended daily structure and rituals for greater focus and mindfulness.
  4. A weekly reporting system to help you stay on track and see your progress
  5. A Facebook group to set up accountability and support among course participants
  6. A live video masterclass with me at the end of the course

Course Benefits

This course has been designed to bring important benefits to your life:

  1. A greater understanding of the forces that bring us to distraction, indecision, and procrastination
  2. Create a greater sense of empowerment over the chaos and distractions in your life
  3. Get better at not putting off important things, and accomplishing important projects
  4. Find a sense of focus, clarity and mindfulness in your life
  5. Find simplicity, calm and a sense of deliberate pace


If you're not completely satisfied with the course, just let us know, and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

We pride ourselves in creating the best training in mindfulness & focus in the world.

Course Registration Deadline & Dates

The deadline to register for this course was April 21 (now closed).

The course runs for four weeks:

  • Begins on April 30
  • Live video masterclass on Sat. May 26
  • Finishes on May 27
  • Optional Daily Mindfulness 2-week add-on ($20) starts May 28

Note: Participants will still have access to the content after May 26.


You got questions, we got answers

Q: When will the modules be available?

A: The intro module will be available April 16. Week 1 module is available April 30. Week 2 is available May 7, Week 3 is May 14, Week 4 is May 21.

Q: What kind of time commitment will this be?

A: Each week's module is a series of short videos, shouldn't take more than 30-45 minutes to watch altogether (you don't have to watch them all at once). You're also asked to do daily practice of about 10 minutes a day, for as many days of the 4-week course as you can. There's a weekly check-in (10 minutes or so), and a live video masterclass (1 hour, on May 26).

Q: What time will the live video masterclass be, and will it available if I can't make it?

A: The masterclass is May 26 at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern (18:00 GMT). Yep, it will be recorded if you can't make it and a link will be emailed to participants.

Q: If I'm traveling during part of the course, will it still work for me?

A: Yes, the course is self-paced ... while it's ideal if you're doing it along with other participants, and checking in weekly, you can still do just fine if you miss a week and are working at your own pace. Content will still be available after the course is over, until the end of July.

Q: Will content still be available after May 27?

A: Yes! Until the end of July.

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